HP's offering on the PDA market.
The New HP (HP and Compaq) recently announced that they were discontinuing the Jornada line in favor of the iPAQ name, and assumedly the form factor as well.

The Jornada is a Windows CE PDA, like the iPAQ or the Cassiopia (although the new name is PocketPC).

There are several offerings on the Jornada line.
The 400, and 500 series are handhelds, not unlike the Palm devices.

Here's a list of them:
  • 420: runs Windows CE 2.11 on a Hitachi SH3 processor at 100Mhz. The 420 contains 8MB of ram. It has an 256 colour 0.23 dots per inch 240x320 display.
  • 430: Windows Ce 2.2 on a Hitachi SH3 at 133Mhz. Contains 16MB of ram and the same display as the 420.
  • 520/525: PocketPC 2000 on a Hitachi SH3 at 133Mhz. Contains 16MB of ram, and a 240x320 0.23dpi 256 colour display. Battery is a sealed in 8 hour Li-Ion battery
  • 540/545: Exactly the same as the 520/525, but with more software preinstalled, the added ability to synchronize via USB, and is carbon black instead of silver.
  • 547/548: Same as above, but with 32MB of ram instead of 16.
  • 564/565: PocketPC 2002 on an intel StrongAR 206Mhz processor, 32 MB of ram and a Toshiba reflective TFT display at .22 dpi and 16 bit colour. Removable Lithium polymer battery. USB synch only.
  • 567/568: same as above, with 64MB of ram.
All the handheld units come with a CompactFlash type I slot, the 400 series comes with a CompactFlash type I/II slot.

Also offered are the keyboard units (so called because of the included qwerty keyboard)
  • 820: about the same size as a laptop computer, same price as a cheap laptop, but with a fraction of the power! The 820 comes with WindowsCE version 2.2, 16MB of ram (upgradeable to 32MB). 640x480 display with 256 colours. No touchscreen, instead it comes with a touchpad. It has a processor running at 109Mhz. The 820 comes with a VGA-out port, and includes pocket PowerPoint.
  • 728: PocketPC 2000, 64MB of ram, 3/4 size keyboard. 206Mhz StrongARM processor. It has CompactFlash type I, PC card type II, and Smart Card reader slots. Rechargeable Li-ION battery. Integrated 56K modem, and a 640x240 16bpp touchpad display. Serial or USB synch is availiable.
  • 720: Same as above, but with 32 megs of ram, and sound functionality.
  • 690: 640x480 display at 256 colours. Integrated PCMCIA type II and CompactFlash type I adapter. 16MB of ram and a 133Mhz SH3 Processor.
  • 680: Same as above with 16MB of ram.