"You are the poet, what you think, what you do is unique. Nobody else can do it."

Virgina Hamilton Adair was born in 1913. She wrote a few poems and had them published in magazines, but lost interest after marrying historian and author Douglas Adair. She had three children with him. He committed suicide, unexpectedly.

She taught at Cal Poly, and was always a book addict. She would frequently try to hide in the library and see if they would lock her in. She even succeeded a few times. Her interest in libraries began to wane, however, as she began losing, and ultimately lost, her eyesight to glaucoma. In 1996, she became the second recipient of The Glaucoma Foundation Award of Merit

Virgina Hamilton Adair published her first book of poetry, Ants on the Melon, in 1996. Her writing style has been described as... well, varied. She experiments with different styles frequently. Now if you count the years, this means she published her first book at age 83. This caused quite a stir in the American literary community.