My personal experience with poorly commented code has been that many times you never expect that anyone else will ever be looking at it so you don't bother, or your comments are sparse and of the reminder variety. In fact I'm running into this right now with my company's intranet. It's been passed down to me from someone who is no longer with the company, and it's one giant hack; no comments, terrible naming sceme, cryptic string manipulation, four copies of the same file with names like file_test1, file_test2, etc and it's completely random which one is actually being used.

But he didn't do this out of spite, or because he thought he was the best coder in the world or something. He did it that way because he was lazy (or very busy, I'm not sure which) and didn't think he'd be passing it off to someone else. Also it's clear that he intended to rewrite much of it (some comments to that effect) but didn't get around to it.

Granted, this is poor practice, but the motive is completely different than the picture painted above.

Note: Ender02 may have been attempting to be funny, if so I apologize for my serious response.

Second Note: Ender02 msg'd me and informed me that the writeup was not intended to be serious. I hereby apologize for not getting the joke and being too uptight. I'm gonna leave my response though, just because that's still what I think about it.