Definition: A full backwards flip performed off a wall. The origin of this move isn't really known, it's been performed by thousands of tricksters all over the world.

Note: Not everyone can do this move, try it at your own risk.

# Find a nice, solid wall against some flat grassy ground. You could pull a matt up against a wall but the softness of the matt will dampen your jumping, worsening your odds of pulling it off.
# Get a spotter to watch you and tell you what he thinks you might be doing wrong. Also if you get seriously injured(you shouldn't) he can get help or just help you himself.
# Knowing how to do the backflip first helps... and being able to do this helps the backflip. Helps with the fear of flipping over at least, which is a large part of the move.
# You want some nice, light shoes for this. I would suggest Converse as I use them and they work for most tricksters. High heels or those giant rediculous basketball shoes wont work cause you need to have good feel and control to react on the pressure on your foot. Also shoes with thick soles won't bend as you do the trick which is a problem.
# If you really want to play it safe you can get knee pads and wrist guards and all that good skateboarding stuff. A helmet too. I've never seen anyone do it with protection... but maybe they're embarassed so they did it behind their house at night or something. I certainly don't see why you wouldn't wear protection while doing a trick.
# Stretch. Stretch out your neck, shoulders and legs and do some rotations in your wrists and ankles. Then drink a glass of orange juice to pump you up. More pulp = better.

Stand about 8 feet from the wall. Now you're going to want to get some good speed before you hit it, but not think beyond the moment when you do it. Trust me, if you think about your neck snapping while you're doing the trick, you might bail... and snap your neck. It's your naive mind and body trying to protect itself but instead getting you hurt.

Run through the trick in your head, make sure your spotter is there, double check everything. Might want to kick some rocks to the side if you've got any and take those keys out of your pocket. Look at the wall at a spot that's at about your height. That is where you're going to step off. Start with a controlled jog towards the wall until you're about 6 feet from it then run. When you're about to hit the wall, jump UP and throw your first leg(the first leg hitting the wall) up at about the height of your head on the wall, look back and lean back. I would recommend making your first leg the leg that you wouldn't kick with cause the other leg is going to need that coordination and speed. This is where most people screw up. They freak out at the most crucial point and bail. Bad idea. Make sure as you lean back at this point and swing you arms and kick/swing your other leg up and over. This is what makes you flip. Also with the foot on the wall, you want to push off with it(up and away) right when your swinging leg begins to pass it. While your upside down and see the ground coming around make sure you extend your legs but leave a little bend in your knees to make the landing. You probably won't get this perfect on your first try, but not many people do. The main thing here is to concentrate and know that the move isn't really that hard.