Liam Paul Murray
18:55 EST July 7th, 2004 - present

Before you /msg me to congratulate the birth of my son, I would like to inform you that it is not, in fact, my son that was born today. He is my second half brother. My other brother was from a different father, as well. My mother had been pregnant for approximately eight and a half months. While I was not there to witness the childbirth, I feel so much different. Before today, I did not really appreciate my mother's boyfriend much. Now I see him in a whole new light. Instead of a grumpy recluse, I view him as a happy father. I am so glad for him and my mother. My mother and the baby will be coming home on Saturday. This is the first time I'm going to be living with a baby. We will see how that goes.

On the name Liam: I, personally, am against the name Liam. The name comes from Kevin's father, whose middle name was Liam. His father passed away sometime during the eighties. I never ventured to ask the manner of his death, as it is certainly a touchy subject for him. Anyway, I will probably call Liam by his middle name (and what I feel should be his first name), Paul. While some awesome people have the name Liam, (Liam Neeson) I think it is one of those easy-to-pick-on names.

On the specific details of the birth: I have only a small amount of specific information. I stayed home, preferring not to see my mother give birth. He was approximately five pounds. Height and other specifics will be updated as the information comes to me. At one point, due to some complication dealing with the umbilical cord, Liam's heartbeat stopped momentarily. Other than that, he is completely healthy. While the mother often is the first one to hold the baby just after childbirth, in this case, Kevin held him first. The poor little guy is going to get cut, too.

I have registered the name LiamPaul for the little guy. Hopefully, when he grows up, he can find as much joy and information as I have found in the nodegel.