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music, quiz bowl, many things german, writing, WoT
Furman University
"The way to real growth is not to become more powerful or more famous, but to become more human and more tolerant." - Helen Steiner Rice
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Edelweiss (N):
1) A plant with small white flowers (which are actually compound leaves) most common in the Alps.
2) A single, 20-Year Old (female!) German-Secondary Education Major at Furman University, whose intersts lie in&.computers, trivia, music, and writing poetry. Plays saxophone, sings, and loves to swim. A close friend of hers is Art Tatum.
3) A person who is is a big fan of socks. Also a big fan of the Barenaked Ladies, Jeopardy, Monty Python., any Final Fantasy game, especially FF7 (Final Fantasy 7 ), Win Ben Stein's Money, Saturday Night Live, and Robert Jordan. Not a big fan of Ken Starr or Macintosh Computers. .