I would like to add that IKEA products are not real designer furniture.
They are imitations of existing 'designer' styles, given the flat-pack treatment and made using lower-grade materials.

Two of the most common criteria for something to be a designer item is for it to have a limited quantity and/or an astronomical price tag.
Most IKEA products are neither, they are mass-produced factory items.

I know there are exceptions to this rule, it's not hard to find a Philippe Starck juicer or other Alessi products in many catalogues these days. The difference in my opinion is that Alessi innovates whereas IKEA imitates.

This may seem like an attack on IKEA, it's not. I find IKEA products highly appealing, especially as I could never afford the actual products they aspire to. It's just that calling IKEA stuff designer furniture is a bit off the mark.