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E2 Film Purpose and Mission Statement

The primary purpose of E2Film is to fill in the cinema related holes in the database. By this we mean films, people involved in film, film history and the terminology of film.

That filmic node contains our current lists. We'll be stealing the basic CRT setup, but we're zoning on in this particular subject (which is surprisingly lacking on Everything2). Our lists will include films and people that have little or no content (including nodes where the information is incomplete or incorrect) as well as recently submitted and updated nodes.

To Join

Everyone likes movies. They make us laugh. They make us cry. They make us try to assassinate the president. But this group is for the people who actually node about movies. Try to have at least a film (or film biography) writeup under your belt before you join.

If you're positive that you'd like to join, /msg Starke

The Writeups

A good movie writeup should include all of the following:

  • A plot summary. A huge, long plot summary is superfluous. Anyone who has seen the movie already knows the plot, anyone who hasn't doesn't need it to be spoiled. Just make sure that after someone reads the writeup, they know what the movie's about.
  • The key actors and the director.
  • The release date.
  • The genre(s) the film would go under.
These are not imperatives, but they make better writeups:
  • Your personal thoughts on the film.
  • Any analysis you can do on the film.

A good biography writeup should include all of the following:

  • Personal history (How did they get started in the movie business?)
  • Links to most of the important films in their career.

E2 Film is a non-profit organization
and all charitable contributions to our efforts
should be sent here.
We thank you for your time, effort and support.