For some reason, Eun Jung decided to cancel on our ski trip. I asked her two weeks ago if she wanted to go, she said yes. I asked her again on Tuesday, to be sure. Then I called her Thursday night to tell her when and where to meet me to get the bus. Our conversation went like this:

Me: To-yo-il a-chim-e oo-ri-neun ski ta-reo ka-yo? (Saturday morning, we're going skiing, right?)
Her: A-ni. (No.)
Me (surprised): Wai-yo? (Why?)
Her: (something I didn't understand)
Me: Ta-go ship-ji an-ha? (You don't want to ski?)
Her: Ye. (Right.)

Anyway, being my usual paranoid self, I couldn't help but worry that this was a sign that there was something wrong, but we went out drinking with my friends last night and everything was good, she was affectionate, etc. We made new plans to take a bus to Gwangju (an hour away from Suncheon, where we live) to see a movie, since not many English movies play in Suncheon. It's not as exciting as a ski trip, but it's certainly better than spending yet another weekend in Suncheon, going to the same bar every night.

The other news is that there are rumors spreading like wildfire at our hagwon (private academy). I've heard people say that the owner is going bankrupt, and we're changing ownership, although I have yet to hear any official confirmation of this, and someone said they traced the source of the rumor back to some student's mother... probably not the most reliable source. It's true that there's a new guy who's been wandering around the school, introducing himself as a "laser specialist," although we assume that he's really just mispronouncing "leisure specialist," since our school is part of a building with a swimming pool, golf driving range, health club and Korean sauna. I've heard that he might end up being the new owner... I've also heard, from Sam, that he's the most boring individual on the face of the planet. Not that our current owner is the life of any party, anyway.

As for E2, I'm proud to say that I hit 1000 XP today, and, as of this writeup, just 5 writeups shy of finally being able to C! things. :)