• I dreamed that the Honor Roll system had been implemented, and I logged on to find myself at level 5. There was a raft of other new features as well, with many new buttons and check boxes and the ability to enhance writeups with embedded .wav or .mp3 files, .gif and flash animations, and a 'translate' button which Babelized the writeup into other languages (badly).

    This was my first Everything dream.

  • I found myself in America, back on the Mountain of Attention sanctuary in northern California. I'd been away for a few years, and it was both weird and great to meet all the friends I hadn't seen in all that time. I was nervous about meeting my guru again, but it turned out pretty well - he was young, in his early thirties, and we greeted each other like old friends. It was as if I'd entered a temporary time warp, and been allowed to see him as he had been in the 1970's, before things went sour. He was informal, warm and funny, and we sat together and talked about life and enlightenment.

    I told him about this other master I'd been to see, and he was very interested - he wanted to meet him. I was thrilled that things were so good between us, and that there were no hard feelings about my having left, so I told him to meet me in half an hour and we'd drive to see the other master. I wandered around for a while talking to friends. I'd been afraid of meeting some of them, because I thought they might be angry with me, but they all hugged me and welcomed me.

    In half an hour he hadn't showed up, so I went through the main building looking for him. There was a big group of people gathering in a room in front of an empty chair, staring straight forwards. I asked what was going on, and they said, "The guru is going to give Darshan." I was disappointed, because it seemed like things were just going back to normal, whatever "normal" was in that place. I went back outside in time to see a large black limo pulling out of the sanctuary, and I knew he was in it.

    Things had gone sour. It was time to leave again.