As far as Mexican food goes, this place is the 'Real Deal' (spanish translations of 'Real Deal' are welcome). Should you find yourself in Santa Barbara, California for any reason, then the Power of Christ compels you to locate the corner of Milpas and Alphonse... just look for the little white building with aqua trim... oh, and the line of humanity waiting to savor the delights within. Connoisseurs should know that SB local Julia Child has found La Superica Taqueria to be some of the best Mexican food this side of the Milky Way galaxy.

Some things you should notice upon entry: Roughly 30 lunch items on the chalk board. If you don't know a taco from a relleno, just pick one... IT'S ALL GOOD!!! The guy at the booth will take your order. Don't forget to order a fine beer with your lunch... might I recommend a Pacifico? Pay careful attention to the woman behind him with the bowl of cornmeal and the tortilla press. Yep! Fresh corn tortillas... the only way to dine a la Mexican.

Now with your order placed (about a 5 minute wait), scoot around the corner into the dining area (it's a tent with picnic tables). Stand before the pickup area and marvel at the assortment of salsas (that's rojas AND verde right there, buddy).

Hopefully you will have recieved your order by now. Adorn your meal with salsas of choice and proceed to eat. Your meal will likely have been arranged thusly: 3 corn tortillas stacked on top of each other. Whatever meat/veggie combo you ordered on top of that. Cheese and cilantro on top of that.

How to eat your new taco: There are two schools of thought here, so let the debate rage... Take 2/3 of the toppings and slide it onto the second tortilla, leaving the remaining 1/3 on the top tortilla. Season... consume. -or- Take the bottom tortilla and scoop off 1/3 of the top... you get the picture.

I'm writing this from Hartford, Connecticut. If anyone is aware of a similar taco experience in the northeast, please let me know.

EDIT: Hey now. 7 years later and here I am. Quick update: I've moved from Hartford, CT to Portland, ME...Lo and behold there's a great taco joint here called El Rayo Taqueria on the corner of York and High streets. Not quite the authenticity of La Super Rica, but they've got the right vibe.