Today read Graham Greene's The End of the Affair. Maurice Bendrix, the narrator, is awful--yet Sarah loved him. The start of the book is horrible, all about Bendrix's jealousy. Felt like giving him a good kick in the ass. All Sarah wanted was to be loved and admired--and who did she turn to for that but Bendrix! When people take up religion and start talking to God it makes me think they can't trust their conscience anymore and that they've gone off their rocker. So, if Bendrix had been a generous and loving bloke rather than a creep, Sarah might not have gone bonkers. The story is actually just a novella padded with the interminable dreadfulness of Bendrix. I can't imagine how they managed to make a film of this--which they did a few years ago with Julianne Moore and Ralph Fiennes. Bet they left out Sarah's religious doubt. The back of the Penguin edition has a puff from Evelyn Waugh--of course, because the tedious solemnity of the religious bits is just like parts of Brideshead Revisited.