Dear Day Log,

Yesterday I happened to visit E2, and found a msg from someone whose name I can't remember, re my Sweet* write up. In a humourless tone the msg stated (I'm paraphrasing here) that it would be deleted (as it garnered a -5 rep), and that by now I should know better than to post stuff of such poor quality.

Now I didn't realize that E2 is policed by censorious killjoys reminiscent of Soviet-era Political Officers who used to go around ruining people's fun and throwing them into prison because they weren't serious enough and didn't toe the official line--but what do I know, eh? What I should make clear here is that I post write ups on topics I think are interesting or amusing and deserve a wider audience. I sure don't hang around or return later to study the rep stats, or cry myself to sleep if my write up gets a negative reaction. But hey, that's me! However, I should thank those people who cooled or commented on my recent Dead Air write up. Many thanks to them for taking the time to do so.

Well, I just thought I'd pop in and drop you a line on this, Day Log old buddy, cos it seemed kinda interesting like. Stay in touch, won't ya!

Love from,
(your pal since January 21, 1999)

*The Sweet write up in full:
I recently caught an episode of Jamie Oliver's cooking series Pukka Tukka, in which the bloke must have exclaimed "Sweet!" at least twelve times and he wasn't referring to the dessert either. Pronounced Swee' (ie. with a glottal stop at the end), it's the English equivalent of "Cool", "Great", "Fantastic", "Whoa", "Nice one", "Fabbo" etc. In certain situations it can be used in place of "Thank you". See also Cheers.