The first full length animated feature from Big Idea Productions. The movie was released in theatres October 4th, 2002.

As a fan of movies, 3D, and of course VeggieTales, I decided to go give it a look see. I was reasonably pleased by the story. Although it stuck closely to the Biblical tale, they managed to keep it upbeat and mildly humurous in the sort of way a five year old likes. Which I suppose is good since that was their target audience.

The addition of Khalil to the cast of your usual computer animated flora was a brilliant move. He was a half caterpillar who befriended Jonah part way through the story. He kept the story from dragging during the possibly tedious section where Jonah is swallowed by the whale.

The only problems I had with this movie were, although it was only 1 1/2 hours, I was getting antsy, and I'm not 5. Also it seemed as though they tried making their musical numbers too cool, which detracted from the usual charm VeggieTales songs have.