Or "pre-International Baccalaureate" to get everything straight.

One of the scariest things a person can survive. Thing is its not full IB, so its teaching program is much different from both the IB and national program. To get things yet straighter, the pre-IB is the program that is taught before the student can move onto the real IB program. The reasons for this vary, it may be because there arent just enough students, or its the only way to sieve good students from bad students. It may also be because its the only possible way to introduce a person to the IB program, because IB candidates may not have the required level of knowledge, especially english language knowledge, for joining the class

First of all, most of the subject that you can select to continue in the IB program are taught in english, which isn't all that bad, but the others are taught in your national language. And because the pre-IB class or classes are so different from other school classes, they usually make the up schedule after making it for the other classes. And you are treated differently by the other classes too. Why? Because youre just different.

A major drawback alteast for me and my pre-IB class is that we have to pick our subjects before april. Please, keep in mind that because there is only one IB class in my school, we have much limited options, like none of us can take something like Art or Computer Science.

Also, many people joined this under parental pressure, because their parents were bombarded with great results of the previous IB students. Yet, after meeting the previous IB students had an occasion to speak with us, they all started telling us about the caffiene addiction they were driven into because of the loads of work. And ofcourse, the farther you are in the IB program the more abstract your schedule gets. For example, a friend of mine starts at 8 A.M. He has four physics lessons on HL (Higher Level), after which he is not only brain dead, he has two "windows" in the schedule, meaning two hours of free time before he has to scurry off to three math's on HL. He leaves the school that day at around 5 P.M. This and some other things make the pre-IB learning program a bit tougher then the normal one, but it is greatly rewarding.

Why you may ask? Mainly because it tries to create tolerant, very open minded people that dont just go with the crowd. A shining example of this may be my history teacher, who taught us much about sources of information, how one can judge a source and how one can use it. This and many other things help to raise a very bright person that will not become part of the "sheeple" that inhabit much of the world and are usually mindless robots.