My fellow Americans, according to all the major news media, are frothing at the mouth for a war. An actual war. A Drop-troops-into-the-combat-zone-and-maybe-some-of-them-will-die-but-thats-okay-cuz-they're-there-for-a-higher-purpose war.

This from the people who, when some nutbag was killing off ethnic Albanians, would have shit a brick if we'd used troops to stop him. *First* we bomb the shit out of him (hitting civilian and non-intended targets in the process), then we use troops.

Not only are folks evidently willing to kill off their sons and daughters in an attempt to get back at these people, but they're willing to toss our economy into the toilet in an attempt to off them. CNN's "New War" series that has been going on this week has repeatedly stated that Americans want a full scale, WWII level commitment of forces.


Who, EXACTLY, would we be going to war with? Afghanistan did NOT declare war on us. No country has declared war on us. Who, exactly can we declare war on? Terrorists?
Weeeeeeeeeeee! That sounds like fun. Let's go attack Terrorania!

Limited military action against the terrorist cells responsible after an EXTENSIVE period of time using the full range of our nation's intelligence gathering capabilities is, in my estimation, the appropriate response.

WHY DID THEY CALL UP THE RESERVES? Who will be be defending the borders from? Why are CNN polls refering to selective service as an option? (That's "The Draft" for you folks who have never had that sobering card to fill out on your 18th birthday.) What happened to this wonderful, apathetic, greedy, stupid country?