Atheism is a tough issue to deal with, if you're a religious person. A religious person could very well say, "How can you not believe in God, when there is so much wonder and beauty in the world?"

Morality is more imposed upon us by environmental mores, rather than simple religious means. It is a given that what is taught today, was taught before, and stems from some sort of information or teachings that came before.

This is not to say that Godlessness is one step away from Hedonism - it merely means, to say that an atheist has no morality is an exercise in futility. Such an argument could go on forever, and a person could wind up chasing their own head around their religious philosophy class.

The question is asked thus: "How can an atheist have morals?"

The problem could be that in our Hedonistic, Godless twenty-first century, ethics and morals have gotten confused. Or, we could simply not being playing enough Tetris.