A village in Northwest Wiltshire.

Lacock Abbey is the heart of the village, and was founded by Ela, Countess of Salisbury in 1232 as a religious house for women, and she was the first abbess there. It was disestablished in 1539 and the house and grounds sold to William Sharrington. His descendants still live there, and the most famous of these was William Henry Fox Talbot, the father of modern photography, and the Fox Talbot Museum of Photography is next to the Abbey. It is one of the locations for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movie, and inside is a gloriously excessive and vulgarly furnished monstrosity complete with gaudy venetian glass chandeliers. It also holds the only copy of the Magna Carta outside museums and cathedrals.

In 1944, Matilda Talbot, William's granddaughter, gifted the abbey and the land on which Lacock stands to the National Trust. What this means, in practice, is that people who live there are subject to a number of restrictions. Whilst they own their homes, the land is leasehold. Electricity and phone cables are underground, and nobody is allowed a television aerial let alone a satellite dish. In fact, even outside the village, if you live close enough, building is limited, and things like garages must be hidden with trees -- and only native English trees too.

This maintains Lacock's "olde worlde charm" and makes it the ideal setting for a procession of period dramas. The locals are incredibly blasé about the whole movie-making experience, finding it far more of an irritation than a thrill.

There are three pubs in the village itself -- The Carpenter's Arms, The Bell, and The Red Lion, and two more in Bowden Hill -- part of the parish, but not the village -- The Bell and The Rising Sun. Incredibly, they are all very good.

There is a medieval church in the village, St Cyriac's, and a late Victorian church, St Anne's, built by the then Prime Minister, William Gladstone, on the common at Bowden Hill, when he owned Bowden Park.

The view from the common is probably the best in the whole county providing a panoramic vista for about thirty miles.

Oh, yeah. My parents live in Bowden Hill.