It's that time of year again. When we visit people, we find a basket full of squirmy, mewling adorable kittens, just like we did last year.

One or two will be pressed into my daughter's arms and she'll be urged to cuddle them.

"Do you want a kitten?" They'll ask, "Go on, aren't they gorgeous?"

She'll look at me, with pleading eyes..."Please Mum, he's so tiny, and so cute...."



"No! We already have two cats!"(Yes, we have two cats, who were both abandoned by people like this, people who were too cheap or too careless to prevent their cat having yet another litter.)

And then she'll look at me like I'm cruel and heartless, and whisper "But they'll be put down if nobody takes them."

I stand firm. And I bite my tongue, as they ask for the umpteenth time "Are you sure you don't want a kitten?"

What I want, I'm thinking, is for you to get your cat fixed, like I did with ours. To pay the money and take responsibility for the care and well-being of your animal. Not to make me feel a villain because I won't clean up after your mistake -- the same mistake you've made time after time for as long as I can remember. Not to make me look a villain in my daughter's eyes, because I'm prepared to let those sweet little scraps of fur die.

Deep breath Okay, rant over -- It's just one of those things that never fails to get to me..