Singularity by WinAbility
Alternate file manager

Singularity by default uses a vertical-split double pane view, but it can easily be made to look just like an explorer window, or even a horizontal split. The main toolbar, drivebar and the two sub-toolbars for each pane are completely editable, and you can choose if you want each pane to have it's own titlebar independent of the other. I would prefer it if I was able to add my own 'favorite' links to a user toolbar, like several others allow. Singularity uses the standard Windows Explorer context menus, but I had a little problem using it with PicaView (, but that wasn't the fault of Singularity. The built-in Find command launches the explorer find, which can be a problem for those of other who use alternate shells. On my system, it does take slightly longer to load than Servant Salamander or 2xExplorer to load or refresh a directory, but for a P200+ it should be negligible. A nice touch: The window icon animates (can be turned off.)

(Shareware, $39.95 USD)

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