How I profited from playing The Michigan Lottery

It's really an interesting story. It all started with a $50.00 winning Wild Time instant lottery ticket. I was just going to go to my weed man's house and get a bag, but my girlfriend Chris had an interesting idea: What if we just buy 25 more instant tickets with the fifty bucks? I thought about it for a minute and decided right there, in the gas station parking lot, that it was my destiny. To test the limits of unbeatable odds, and just go for it.

I walked back into the store, and turned in my winner. When the clerk handed me my fifty bucks I simpley said "Just give me 25 more tickets instead of the money." (Wild Time tickets are $2.00 a piece) After purchasing nearly all of the wild time tickets I went out to the car. Once me and Chris began we could not stop, it was so much fun scratching all of those tickets off. In the end, the total cash amount that we won was $250.00, not bad for a single $2.00 investment in the beginning.