Relax Davi, take a deep breath. You know you had very little to do with this. You did nothing but write a rant on a webpage. This isn't like five dollar poker where you kept winning hand after hand. This streak will not keep going...

Something worked. I don't know exactly what it was, but something worked. And I hate to say it, I hate it more than anything, but THANK YOU NEW YORK YANKEES!

Anyone from Boston reading this, I didn't actually mean that

But I did. Like my rant yesterday, the Spankees put up a stink about webbing on their bases and pitching rubber. They told baseball they'd put the base coverings on for warmups and batting practice, and that's it. They would not have them on during the game, which would be watched by millions of eyes, which kinda made the movie company lose all the gains from its 3.6 million. This, combined with poor fan reaction made MLB decide, "Hey, maybe this isn't such a good idea after all." All I can say is, "Well, DUH."

To make this somewhat interesting, here are some good ideas for baseball:

  • Bring back the stolen base! Rickey was the greatest lead off hitter of all time. He could make contact, but more than that, he was faster than greased poop! He pilfered well over a hundred bases several times in his career. The major league leader in steals last season had a measly 55. That's one every three games! Pathetic! Barry Bonds is receiving so much hype cuz he hits the ball far. That's nice Barry, get off the juice. Human growth hormone won't help you steal third base.
  • Fire Bud Selig. There are several issues as to why Bud Selig is ruining the game of baseball. I will only list a few here. First off, he was an owner. He used to own the Milwaukee Brewers before he became commissioner of Baseball. Basketball, OTOH, picked David Stern, a lawyer and basketball fan as their commissioner. Stern went after money and TV time. Selig gave his daughter the Brewers as he couldn't run the team and commission at the same time. If that's not a conflict of interest, I dunno what is. *his daughter, BTW, is making approximately one ass-ton of money off of revenue sharing and putting a cheap, crappy team out season after season. This should be stopped at all costs, as she's not the only one doing it*
  • Have a drug testing program/drug treatment program. Give them to everyone, or make sure no one has them. Nuff said
  • Find a home for the Montreal Expos, please.
  • After the season, pick a dome and do a US vs The Dominican Republic game. That would kick ass. Or atleast a 4 team World Cup with USA, The Dominican, Japan and Mexico (if not other Latin nations)
  • Did I mention fire Bud Selig? Oh I did? Just checking.
  • Make every ballpark have something unique. Fenway has the Green Monster. Wrigley has the ivy. PVC/SBC/whatever park it is in San Francisco has McCovey's cove. Make people from out of town want to go to your ballpark. And, this goes for all sports here: STOP NAMING THE STADIUMS AFTER COMPANIES!!!!!!!!!! for the sweet love of Jebus
    • Damn Davi, You need to relax.