So, like, I came from school today to find this one letter in my mailbox from New York University. I don’t even know why I applied, I knew even if I got in I’d need at least $10,000 in scholarships and grants just to come remotely to being able to pay the bill. Anyway, I was sort of running late for the weekly M:TG tournament at my local card store, so I chucked the letter onto my table and left. With a 3.6 GPA and a 1420 SAT, I knew I had almost no chance of getting in, let alone getting any scholarships, but I was banking on my FBLA and APs. Came home later today, popped open the letter


Guess I can’t go where Bud Fox went. Ugh…so like, what now? Buy a semi-auto and blast away the incoming freshman class during the Open House? Mailbomb the gosh darned admissions office? DoS I’m not sure, but I probably will just get over it and get on with my life now. I mean, what if they, like, nuke NYC while a course at NYU is in session, a course I could have attended? Perhaps this is a divine sign of some strange sort, a foreshadowing.


I think the real explanation is that I should have done some fucking work during my four years in high school instead of spending it on pointless computer games. I spent 180 hours on EternalVisions MUD. That’s over 7 DAYS of NON FRICKING STOP gaming! Counter-Strike? OMFG, that must account for AT LEAST a month, considering that I pulled all nighters every other night during the summer. Diablo 2? Also days! StarCraft? The whole freshman year! Where is all this now? My EternalVisions account is long-gone due to inactivity; the Counter-Strike servers I played on are no longer in existence; I gave Diablo 2 away to my friend; StarCraft was replaced by Warcraft III...

Games didn’t do my homework!

If I spent even 1/10, no, 1/20 of that time on homework, I’d be a fricking OVERACHIEVER! If I spent 1/5 of all that time reading, I’d have read HUNDREDS of books by now! Had I worked during that time at minimum wage, I’d have thousands! But now, it’s gone...ALL GONE!

Fellow young E2 noders, don’t make the same mistake I did! The fools learn from their mistakes, the wise learn from mistakes of others...