A seafood delicacy. This shellfish is prized in much of Asia for its unique taste. You can make a soup out of it or steam it. The Japanese make sushi out of it sometimes.

Due to the rarity of abalone, it is extremely expensive, and hence served in very small servings. Badly cooked abalone (usually by overcooking) would be tough and stringy, and not possess much of its original flavor. I can't really describe the taste of abalone because it is quite unique. It isn't like other shellfish, it is very different actually. It does bear some resemblace to chicken, but somewhat sweeter.

My favorite way to consume abalone is by making a soup out of it. The Chinese way to serve the soup is to cook it and leave the abalone in the soup as you serve it. It is usually served before the main course, and it is an excellent appetizer.