A transcription of what one of these scenes would be like follows.

Satan (imagined): So... Martin, we meet again.

Martin Luther: Back way the hell off, freak.

Satan: That's not what your mom said to me.

ML: You talkin' bout my mamma? We about to get some biz goin' on in he-ah.

Satan: Your mamma. Bitch.

ML: Punkass bitch.

Satan: What'd you say?

ML: Come on then.

Satan: You come on.

ML: Why don't ya?

Satan: Well?

ML: How about it?

Satan: That's what yo' mamma said to me in bed last night.

ML: You talkin' bout my mamma? I hear you been talkin' bout my mamma a lot lately.

Satan: What of it?

ML: You wanna make something of it?

Satan: Come on then.

ML: Bitch.

Satan: Punkass bitch.

ML: Huh?

Satan: Well then bring it on!

ML: Fine! Fine!

(Martin Luther grabs a chair and rushes the Prince of Darkness, John Calvin walks into the room.)

Satan: Get 'im Cal!

(Satan hides behind Calvin, Luther grapples with him)

ML: Nuh, uhhhhh! You did not just do that Satan!

Satan: Uh-huh, you just step back from me, hussy!

ML: Predestination believin' beeeeyatch!

Crowd: Mar-tin! Mar-tin! Mar-tin!

(Martin Luther runs backstage and reappears with handfulls of excrement in either hand, begins hurling them at his adveraries in place of a rational discussion)

Crowd: Mar-tin! Mar-tin! Mar-tin!