My dreams tend to side on the strange, which is especially disturbing when they almost become lucid. In the latest of these dreams, I found myself playing the part of Harry Potter. I have no clue what triggered this dream, and no clue why I couldn't cast any damn spells.

I was in a large auditorium, to present a magic show with the rest of my clan (or however you want to refer to my fellow magacians). First, I couldn't find my Wizard's hat, which I guess was integral to my spellcasting. I was told that I could cast a spell to make a hat appear, but all this did was cause my hair to grow longer. After finally obtaining a hat, I couldn't find my way to the stage. People kept yelling at me, saying I was going to ruin the whole show.

At the same time, I was chasing around a frog-like creature, which was some evil monster of some sort. I finally beheaded him (it?). It had greenish-purple blood that reeked like moldy cabbage. At that point, my roommate's alarm went off, and I woke up.