The OneTouch Ultra is a glucometer recently produced by Lifescan. The Ultra provides plasma-calibrated results as opposed to older OneTouch models which used the reflection method to read blood glucose. Plasma-calibration is the same method that hospital labs use to read blood glucose, and it is one of the most accurate methods available. Unfortunately for those of us who liked to think we were in reasonable control, plasma-calibrated results are approximately 12% higher than reflection results. The booklet claims that the meter uses a "glucose oxidase biosensor" to read glucose levels. From what I gather, this means that instead of using a reagent that changes color, the test strip generates an electrical impulse based on the volume of glucose in one microliter of blood.

The OneTouch Ultra can store up to 150 test results in memory, and can communicate with the latest version of the Lifescan tracking software via a serial cable from the data port. With the battery installed, it weighs only 1.5oz, and fits in the palm of my hand. The Ultra will read blood glucose levels from 20mg/dL to 600mg/dL; if you are outside that range you are so shit out of luck that it doesn't matter what the meter says.