simplicity. it is all the fuck about simplicity.

I was getting ready to leave the house, this morning, and he was still sleeping in a sunbeam that had crept out from behind the curtains -- another angel with a shimmering halo. somehow he'd managed to sleep through the swearing and hissing from the other room, as i'd hacked out the last of the paper that i had to turn in, today.

i sat down on the bed. "hey, beautiful. i'm going to class, now. anything you need while i'm out?"

"just come back." not fearful that i wouldn't, just hopeful that i would.

and in that moment, i ran out of things to say. there are no adjectives, no amount of overused trite phrases that could sum up how content i was right then...

and all the way to school, i was humming lou reed's "perfect day".