Mineral = pizza boys gone rock, quoth the liner notes to their first full-length album.

Mineral was an amazing but short-lived emo band formed in Austin, Texas in 1994. After releasing a 7" on a record label formed by one of the guys in Christie Front Drive (another good emo band), they were signed to Crank! Records and released their debut album, The Power of Failing, in 1995, shortly followed by a split 7" with Sensefield and Jimmy Eat World.

in the next 3 years, they recorded another 7" and another full-length album, EndSerenading. After finishing EndSerenading the band members decided to go their separate ways. so it goes. Chris and Jeremy formed a new band, called The Gloria Record, and Gabe is currently in a band called Pop Unknown.

Christopher Simpson - vocals/guitar
Jeremy Gomez - bass
Scott McCarver - guitar
Gabriel Wiley - drums

Discography:(just the full-length albums)
The Power of Failing - Crank!, 1995
EndSerenading - Crank!, 1998