At the risk of being GTKY: This is almost miraculous cream. I discovered it because my grandfather had a jar after having heart surgery and told me to put some on my hands (which were cracked and bleeding at the time). After applying for some days, my hands were much less chapped and stopped bleeding altogether.

If you have a problem with dry skin, I'd recommend it. Very little is needed, mind you, as it is greasy, much more so than other products. If your skin is cracked and bleeding, expect about five nights worth of application to bring it to irritated and abother three for like new. Be mindful not to wash the area of application for a while afterwards, so that it can sink into the skin. The product is greasy and will be left on whatever you touch it to.

Update: When I said, originally, that a large jar will be a few months' worth, I was wrong. I am still working my way through the jar, two years later. It's still good and incredibly effective. I also discovered that I was applying it crazy-like: I would put on literally a tablespoon and put latex gloves over it. This was a waste. Catch the drying early and apply enough to cover the area sparesly each night. It will go away after a few days and you will need much less of it. It is also much easier than my old method. If you need to be awake for nights on end, however, the gloved-method would be better.