Krispy Kremes seem to me to be two different donuts, depending on how and when they're purchased.

Just going into your local Krispy Kreme store and purchasing a donut off the rack, or even through the drive-thru window, will result in your getting a donut. Just a donut (or whatever number you've ordered, barring the ineptitude and attitude of the workers). Nothing special. In fact, it probably pales in comparison to other donuts you've had in the past. And thus, you leave unfulfilled and wondering what everyone was talking about.

But if you go into the store and ask for a fresh donut, everything changes. The clerk pulls a donut right off of the belt and puts it into your bag. Quickly, now, eat it.

The donut seems to melt in your mouth. It's cooled enough so that the sugar doesn't burn your tongue but warm enough to let the flavors meld. After eating one of these, you begin to understand. This is why i can't fathom buying Krispy Kremes prepackaged in a supermarket, nor why they've open stores in Manhattan. It seems much harder to experience donut euphoria when there isn't room to see the conveyor belt and know the donuts are ripe.

You can microwave the donuts for a few seconds to bring some of the flavor back, but it's not the same.