Sometimes, one must stop and ask themselves, "So what exactly do I do with all these ghost droppings?" You know what I'm talking about. Those little nut-shaped bits of some styrofoam material used in snail-mail delivered packages. A single box contains hundreds of the little suckers. So, what to do with all of them? Most aren't biodegradable, so throwing them out harms the environment... So what to do? I think I can help.

First, do you have a bean bag? Is it getting less fluffy? Could it be squishier? Rip that sucker open and toss in a plentiful amount of ghost droppings! Recycling them into your bean bag means you get more comfort, a longer life, and the removal of the guilt trip you would have had, had you simply thrown them in the trash!

Now, what if you don't have a bean bag? Make your own! Fill up a nice sized trash bag with a hefty amount of ghost droppings, and make sure to use two or three trash bags for extra durability. Then, place the trash bags in, say, a comforter cover. Viola! You have a bean bag!

Need a new pillow? Same technique, just use smaller trash bags and a pillow case!

Got your own idea? Post it! Help fight the war against ghost droppings!