Top 10: The Annotations

For the uninitiated, these are annotations to the Alan Moore, Gene Ha and Zander Cannon comic book Top 10, published by America's Best Comics. It's an imaginative look at a city populated entirely by superheroes and the difficulties that the (equally superpowered) police have in maintaining order. Each issue is full of references to comic books and popular culture and this series of annotations hopes to capture them all. If you spot any omissions or errors, let me know - you'll get credit for your find.

Please note that where references are repeated in several issues (eg. the Robbie the Robot computers in Precinct 10), they will only be identified in the issue containing their first appearance.

One write-up will be added every few days, so keep checking back.

Top 10: The Original Series 1: Top 10 2: Blind Justice 3: Internal Affairs 4: Eight Miles High 5: Great Infestations 6: You'd Better Watch Out, You'd Better Not Cry... 7: Mythdemeanors 8: The Overview 9: Rules of Engagement 10: Music for the Dead 11: His First Day on the New Job 12: Court on the Street

Smax 1: Isn't it Good to be Lost in the Wood... 2: ..And Isn't it Bad, so Quiet There, in the Wood? 3: Grasshopper's Green Burying-Band 4: Trip, Trip to a Dream Dragon 5: Please Leave Us Here, Close Our Eyes...

The Forty-Niners Original Graphic Novel

Top 10: Beyond the Farthest Precinct (Still being published) 1: A Screaming Comes Across the Sky 2: Title TBA 3: Title TBA 4: Title TBA 5: Title TBA

Short Stories Deadfellas

Contributors: Walter, NinjaPenguin, Jet-Poop. Non-e2 Contributors: VorpalSword, MojoJojo.