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Cinema & Video Production (aka film), SFX, sewing, sound, drawing, painting, CG'ing, etc...
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"When you fall in love with a person's soul, everything beautiful stands out."
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Bio... You want a bio huh? ::ponders the great meaning of bio::
Sorry, I tend to go off into rp mode when writing anything. Well, let me see what I can produce for a bio.

Name: CentauriTiger
How the name came about: It's a story I've been writing... that's almost done... hopefully.
Age: Soon to be 21
Gender: Female
Living: Yup. I am. No really, I don't have a stable place of living. I'm always moving around.
Sign: Virgo
Favorite Flower: Tiger Lily (which means: I dare you to love me)
Favorite Animal: Tiger, duh.
Favorite things to do: drawing, anime, animation (yes, I know how), painting, writing, film and video, tormenting people about the 3rd orange, and much, much more.

That's all for me. Catch me sometime... I'm usually free to talk. ^_~