Directed by Alejandro Amenabar, Abre Los Ojos was one of Spanish cinema's greatest hits of 1997, and was well received at the Sundance Film Festival. The film was remade in 2002 as Vanilla Sky, by Cameron Crowe and starring Tom Cruise.

This film looks amazing, and the cast is excellent. It tells the tale of Cesar (Eduardo Noriega), a handsome young man, who is disfigured in a car accident caused by a disgruntled one-night stand. He must learn to live without his good looks and learn that beauty is only skin deep, but he is also psychologically scarred, and begins to suffer dreams and loses his connection to reality. The film is turned on its head halfway through but to say anymore would ruin the film so I'll pass aside, except it appears that there is a way for Cesar to regain his beauty.

Penelope Cruz plays the role of Sofia, the girl who Cesar imagines he is in love with, and Fele Martinez is also good as Cesar's best friend. Watch this before you see Vanilla Sky as the ending is subtler and you can see why Tom Cruise thought that it would be his chance to win an Oscar.