Have you ever wondered why so many rock stars have died at the age of 27? The most famous musicians of this 27 Club are Jimi Hendrix (27.11.1942 - 18.9.1970), Janis Joplin (19.1.1943 - 4.10.1970), Jim Morrison (8.12.1943 - 3.7.1971) and Kurt Cobain (20.2.1967 - 8.4.1994). Could this be just a coincidence, a cruel misfortune, that four of the world's most idolized rock stars all die at the same age?

You could think that Kurt Cobain, having lived his life so long after Jim, Janis and Jimi, wanted to become a legend, killing himself at the age of 27. Maybe he wanted to join the 27 club because all others mentioned have become idols of worship. Well, I don't believe in this myself. (I don't believe in the murder theory either!!) I really don't want to get into that right now, so back to the other three.

All of them died, if not directly, because of drugs. Joplin took an overdose of heroin, Morrison's cause of death was heart failure which was caused by a large dose of athesma medicine and alcohol. Hendrix died from choking on his own vomit after passing out during barbiturate intoxication. In those days, drugs were a natural part in just about every musician's life, so that really doesn't explain why this threesome died so early in life.

Maybe it was a huge conspiracy, by the record companies who decided that they'd get a lot more money if they make these artists into a legend that will live forever, or maybe... OK, enough X-Files bullshit.

What we have in the end, is that I think that it was just a coincidence. You can make your own opinions and theories, but who can tell for sure? Think about it, if you have nothing better to do.