Enid Blyton is probably the most succesful children's author of the twentieth century, and with over 700 books published and 10,000 short stories, one of the most prolific.

She was born on the 11th of August, 1897 in East Dulwich London England , the eldest of three children. She spent most of her childhood in Beckenham, Kent, a childhood which has been described as 'less than happy'. At the age of fourteen she had her first story published, which no doubt encouraged her to pursue a writing career, as she continued to submit articles, stories and poems to many magazines. Upon leaving school she trained to be a teacher, a profession she kept in for 5 years. She continued to write, both for children and adults; publishing her first childrens book 'Child Whispers' in 1922 and also contributing to 'Teachers World'.

In 1924 she married a Major; Hugh Pollock and gave birth to two daughters Gillian and Imogen in 1931 and 1935. In 1938 the family moved to a house 'Green Hedges' in Beaconsfield, where most of her famous series of books were written. Her relationship with her husband worsened however, and in 1942 they agreed to a divorce. The very next year she remarried, to Dr Kenneth Darrell Waters. Their time together in Green Hedges over the next twenty seven years, must have been very happy, as Enid was able to produce work at a prodigous rate.

Many of her books attracted a great deal of literary criticism, and some librarians would not stock her books for fear of children not reading the 'great works of literature'! Despite this, she sold millions of books, throughout the entire world, and enriched the lives of countless children, do doubt inspiring them to read the great works of literature anyway! From a modern view point, many of her books show politically incorrect views, and I'm sure some of her books have been banned because of this, which I admit might be for the best.

On 28th November 1968, Enid Blyton died of a coronary thrombosis, age seventy-one.

Here's some of her most famous series of books.


Noddy and friends
Amelia Jane
Brer Rabbit

Lands of Far Beyond

Binkle and Flip
Green Goblins
Enchanted Lands
Josie, Click and Bun
Mr Meddle
Mr Twiddle
Mr Pink-Whistle
The Magic Faraway Tree
The Wishing Chair

Mystery and Adventure

Adventure Series
The Adventurous Four
The Barney Mystery Series
The Family Series
The Famous Five Series
Malory Towers Series
Mystery Series
Riddle Series
Secret Series
Secret Seven Series
St Clare's Naughtiest Girl Series

For more information on her life and works, see :-
Enid Blyton: The Biography by Barbara Stoney,
A Childhood at Green Hedges by Imogen Smallwood,
Enid Blyton by George Greenfield,
The Story of My Life, by Enid Blyton.

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