One of the sub-games in the Gamecube version of Super Monkey Ball. Your monkey starts, in his or her ball, at the top of a giant floating ski-jump-like ramp, in the middle of the ocean (or maybe some inland sea or lake, the backstory for these monkeys and their balls is left as an exercise for the reader). In the ocean are islands made of regions worth different point values if you land on them.

Play consists of rolling the monkey (inside its ball) down the ramp and off the jump, opening the monkey's ball, forming a pair of wings, piloting the monkey to one of the islands and closing the ball, allowing the monkey to roll safely to a stop. Landing on an island gives you points, landing in the water gives you no points, crashing in to an island makes your monkey twitch pathetically for a while and gives you no points.

The ramp, air and islands are littered with bananas, collecting banananas gives you points and also various monkey powers. Collecting a certian number of bananas allows you to use a specific power in the next round. The powers include calming the wind, doubling or tripling your score for this round, monkey breaks and "magnet ball" which allows your monkey to come to an immediate halt when it lands on an island.


for maximum speed, delay opening your monkey ball until the last possible minute. This also looks really cool and allows you to pull up a splash trail (but could also land you underwater).

collect enough bananas for magnet ball, then go for the tiny 500 point bouy.

On the pyramid level, go off to the ramp and veer left past the left most pyramid, turn 180 degrees and aim for the far pyramid. Hit that pyramid square on it's face, just above the points platform, you should either roll up a bit then back down to the points platform, or go over the top and land on the far points platform.

don't be a hero, if you can make some small point region and you may be able to make some big point region, go for the small points.