Today I witnessed a very despairing event. I saw one man strike another.

I happened upon the scene rather late. I didn't see what started the incident nor could I hear the words that were being exchanged. Although I'm quite sure that they were not words of love.

I had seen the antagonist earlier. Just minutes before he sped past me in his shiny red Mercedes at about 100 miles an hour. "Whoa he must be in a hurry" I had thought.

As I neared the intersection I could tell something was not right. All of the other drivers' attentions were focused on the two cars in front. Instead of the usual bored-to-death glazed look commuters get. At the intersection sat a white car and the red Mercedes. I saw a man exit the Mercedes and approach the other car. He looked angry. I couldn't see the other driver and I don't know what was said but suddenly the man reared back and punched the driver in the other car. He turned and jumped back into the passenger side of the Mercedes. The man in the other car got out and had a serious "what the fuck?" look on his face. Both men were well dressed in business attire. He got back into his car and drove off. Then the light changed and the world resumed normal operation.

I was stunned. A passing semi honked his horn repeatedly in praise or disdain I do not know. The other drivers simply drove off. None of their concern I suppose. Unfortunately I came onto the scene too late. If only I had been speeding, I could have witnessed the entire incident and having been a victim of a similar assault I would have contacted the authorities as had been done for me.

The incident made me feel sick. What the hell is wrong with us? Can we no longer determine what is right or wrong? Are we in such a hurry that if someone slows us down we feel justified in punching their lights out? The driver of the Mercedes was driving very recklessly. I imagine the driver of the other car made a comment about this behavior and earned himself a black eye. Can we no longer point out the wrongs of others without fear of physical violence? Or is it by pointing out another's faults that we become the bad guy? This is civilized Americans at their finest my friends.