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Christian R. Conrad...
  • ...was born in Germany, and is proud of it.
  • ...grew up in Sweden, and is a citizen thereof.
  • ...lives in Finland, which is a very nice country too.
  • ...doesn't run Linux. (Yet - just gimme a sec, willya! :-)
  • ...knows and uses M$ Windows, as a "power user" and programmer.
  • ...Used to root for Borland -- oops, Inprise -- whoops, it's Borland again!(Update 2010: Oh well, now only the Inprise-y bits remain, albeit under the original name) -- they makemade great stuff. (2010: Which now lives on at Embarcadero)
  • ...thinks the greatest stuff of all is Delphi and its Object Pascal. (2010: As per the above -- Embarcadero)

Here's an old node (copied from Node Heaven) I created on 2000-07-23 03:40:43, as "regret it in the morning (thing)":
Things you will regret in the morning: Take a girl home with you, when you've drunk so much and slept so little that you won't even be much of a one-night stand.

Especially if your place is such a mess that you'll look like a slob to her. (That is, "...that she'll find out what a slob you are".)

ESPECIALLY if she was so damn nice you think you might have wanted something more lasting; if you were trying to get her for a girlfriend.

No, no, why ever would you think I'm speaking from recent bitter experience...
Turns out I didn't blow it as badly as I thought back then: Yesterday was our son's seventh birthday, and we've been married since 2007.