A Randroid is not an Objectivist.

The reason is that a Randroid does not believe in Objectivism. They believe in some isolated, memorized fragments of Objectivism, not the whole. An Objectivist, on the other hand, has an integrated understanding of the ideas of Ayn Rand.

Randroids are, in fact, resented by actual Objectivists. An actual Objectivist is almost always impressive. The way their minds work is fascinating. By contrast, a Randroid has few ideas that did not originate in the works of Rand, and they cannot apply said ideas to concrete instances.

On the Internet, one way to distinguish between an Objectivist and a Randroid is what we might dub the "Randroid switch." Rand had a crisp, sober writing style that is almost immediately distinct from the writing style of anyone else. Long exposure to Rand's writings will tend to cause a person to write with her style. As a result, the writing styles of Objectivists and Randroids are often identical. However, sometimes, when writing on a topic foreign to him, a purported Objectivist will switch from this style to another - his own. This is strong evidence that the purported Objectivist is really a Randroid. The Randroid was parroting Rand's reasoning up to this point, and reverted to his own writing style when he had to think for himself. By contrast, an Objectivist will continue to write in the same crisp, sober style, because his psycho-epistemology is grounded in an actual understanding of Ayn Rand's philosophy.