This month begins with the Cool:
  • Eric Burdon is the marriage of the quintessential E1 writeup and an equally impeccable E2 contribution. It is pleasing to mine eye.
  • Anasazi made me think about factual writeups three times.
  • Please set aside some time to read about Autism.
  • Survivor2 is a sweet stab from the past. It's one of the things that trapped me here early on.
I've been hunkering down a bit, wading through a bunch of short, linkless writeups. Many of these are by fled noders. This work makes me a bit sad, because quite a few of the writeups are perfectly good and admirably concise summaries of subjects that don't need an epic tome written about them. I'm fixing a few spelling errors and adding a few <p> tags to spiff them up a bit. I'm also adding some hardlinks, because after all, this place is fueled by linkage, but it makes me a bit uncomfortable. Hardlinks are an integral part of the content on this site, and messing with them seems as intrusive as adding a metaphor to someone's writing. Even so, I go forth with this work, for they are worthy writeups whose authors have abandoned them. They are orphans, and we are their guardians.

Not all of these waifs find succor:
Killed: I rabbited away a few hours correcting spelling errors, /msging users with unbidden advice, and otherwise striving to make myself useful. As always, the jury is out.