While on a visit Germany in the summer of 1999, I received the greatest shock of my life in a supermarket. We were headed for Domburg, The Netherlands, a small beach town, for the weekend and we stopped to pick up supplies (mostly alcohol as well as some food). We were in Duesseldorf (ue is equivalent u with an umlaut, which most Americans screw up so don't dare correct me for adding an extra e, fool) and stop at what I thought was a rather small supermarket (if you even call it "super" considering the size it appeared to be) although it did look like it had an extremely high roof from the outside.

I asked my German friend, "Are you sure this place with have everything we need? It seems rather small."

With a laugh, he says, "Yes, you will not be concerned when you see inside."

Sure enough, upon entering, There is an escalator in this place! "What? An escalator in a supermarket?" I was thinking aloud. Sure enough, it was there: a conveyor belt sort of contraption that grocery carts could go up without trouble. The second floor explained the high ceiling and quelled my concerns about lack of variety. This was the most peculiar and unusual thing I saw in my three weeks there.