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Bah. Sometimes, I think user bio's are pointless. I really don't read them, and I doubt anyone reads mine, so I ask, what's the point? But then again, I'm often fatalistic, depressed, and suffer from my own malignant form of no self-esteem, so go figure.

Generally, I consider myself nothing more than just an individual. The more people try and associate themselves with increasingly specific groups under the premise of finding their identity, what they really do is lose what shreds of identity they had to begin with. Instead, it's replaced the by the cultural morays and traditions found within that one sector. Generally, I refer to these people as followers, or sheep.

For example: If one were to see me in public, they couldn't readily stereotype me. I purposly exist on the fringes of multiple groups, never involving myself anywhere in specific for any length of time, short of completing the task at hand. While I also have no real group identity because of this (and since America is a nation of joiners, you can see how this could become a problem), I'm also fairly invisible when I want to be. I can move through crowds of people, and not be noticed. To some degree then, I am ninja.

However, if you've gotten this far, perhaps I'll end the tragedy of my philosophies, and give you what I presume you wanted when you wandered in here...

Music: Whatever's good. No really. I'm tired of pigeonholing myself by saying I like a specific genre of music. Frankly, no genre has the lock on music that sucks, or for that matter, music that's good. I happen to like an awful lot of electronic music, but that doesn't rule out other things. For instance, in my CD rack, New Radicals is right along side Utah Saints, and The The is along side Fluke. Stephen Kent is along side Scanner. DJ Shadow is along side U2. Inxs is along side The Chemical Brothers. See what I mean? But to give a small example, see my current playlist...

Current Playlist (as of 8/4/2002, @ 5pm PDT): Deep Red - Flow, moving into Uberzone - Bounce (Max Graham Remix), with Dieselboy - Invid (Joshua Ryan's Southern Cross Remix) next up.


  • The Bourne Identity: I never thought of Matt Damon as an action star, but he played the role quite well. And of course, Franka Potente being her beautiful self didn't hurt.
  • What Lies Beneath: Classic suspense/horror/thriller/noir. It actually scared me at a couple points, when I saw it on the big screen, in a very chilly theater. (try watching it at around 1am, in the winter, with the window open, in shorts and a t-shirt, with your s/o, and see how much environment plays into moods during a movie!)
  • Event Horizon: Quite possibly, one of the scariest movies I've seen. Not scary like Freddy, or The Exorcist, but in an almost subliminal, unknown is scarier than known sense. Especially the ending sequence.
Not sure what else to write. Since I doubt seriously anyone looks at this, I suppose I could fill it with absolutely random crap and no one would care.