I started work for a contractor not too long ago installing DSL in the southeastern Michigan area. Excedingly interesting in the aspects of seeing alot of peoples homes and meeting people. Trying to piece together lives from pictures hanging on the wall and first impressions. The day basically boils down to an endless stream of "thank you's" and "would you mind if's". Phone calls on the company cell phone. Driving for hours and hours, seeing all of the other road people. Eating at wierd local coney islands and gas stations. Back roads with lush green trees overhanging. The whine of the tires. Computers that are ancient and some that are new. Installing cheap o' NIC's in a thousand different cases. Finding wiring to use in the customers house. Going through crawl spaces navy seal style just to feed wire into the house. Filling holes with silicon gel. Stoping to answer the double beep sound of the Nextel cel straped to my side.

Attache, coming to a house near you...

Update 11:05am 7/14/00 Writing this from a customers house as his bird, who lives in the bathroom tweets and his son Brandon watches TV downstairs. His wife is a packrat, he told me, they get into fights about it. He wears a Pink Floyd t-shirt and had to leave for a doctor's appointment. He's getting steroid injections in his back to help fix a problem. This install wasn't so bad, his wiring in his house was clean, just had to drill inside from the box outside. Now I will go downstairs and tell his son that the install was a success.
btw, they love asheron's call