Can I ask you to do something? It is really painless, will only take up a little time from you, is the law, and may actually save your life?

This is a visualation node, so close your eyes with me (unless you are driving, in which case I'm not sure why you are noding, but don't close your eyes). Since you aren't driving (because your eyes are closed), picture yourself doing that. Anywhere. Your favorite city, country road, etc. Now look in your rearview mirror. See that GIGANTIC RED (or yellow) FIRE TRUCK WITH ALL THE LIGHTS AND SIRENS IN THE WORLD coming up behind you? It poses a dilemma. (See Diagram 1)

Diagram 1 (Direction of Travel ->):
      FIRE TRUCK        YOU        BURNING HOUSE

What should you do? Very simple. Pull over! Move out of the way of the big hurtling piece of metal and let them get where they need to go. Why is this so important? Because I have been to plenty of calls where it is your house burning, your child not breathing, you trapped in the car accident, and heard, "What took you so long to get here?"

Next time, before you ask that question, think about whether you pulled over for that Fire truck, or ambulance, or police officer, or Volunteer Firefighter with the rotating red light. And hope that when it is your emergency, that others do the same.

It also is a good idea so you don't piss off the guys in the fire truck