For those interested, there are actually four variants of LoZ:OOT in existance:

  • The initial version, packaged in the gold cartridge cases. Notable for the bugs that weren't caught in the testing process, especially the no-sword bug (where a player would allow Ganon to knock the Master Sword out of Link's hands in the final battle, then save and quit, allowing him to roam the world swordless).
  • A revised version that fixed many of the bugs in the game, including the no-sword bug.
  • The most common cartridge version, which introduced a new theme for the Fire Temple. The reason was because many people heard in the original theme an Islamic chant, which upset quite a few Muslims and fundamentalist Christians.
  • Finally, the Gamecube version. Added support for progressive scan, modified the control scheme (and in-game references to it) to match the GC controller, and allowed for save to memory card. Otherwise, the game is identical to the previous release.

And they say that console games don't ever get revised after release...