Hexadecimal is one of the villains on the TV show Reboot. She is the sister of the virus Megabyte, and a virus herself. However, Hexadecimal is as different from her greedy, purple, control-freak brother as granola is from motor oil.

Imagine Mr. Mxyzptlk from the old Superman comics crossed with Kodachi Kunou from Ranma 1/2, and you'll have Hex in a nutshell, emphasis on nut. Hexadecimal is utterly chaotic in every sense of the word. She also posseses incredible reality-altering powers. She once turned everyone in the "city" of Mainframe into stone (except for herself and Bob), but after Bob pointed out that Hex had made the whole city static and boring, Hex promply reversed what she had done *with a snap of her fingers*! And that's just a sample. If she wanted to, she could probably level the whole city, but what fun would that be? She also seems to develop an infatuation with Bob that borders on obsessive as the series progresses.