An interesting character addition in Tecmo's Dead or Alive 3. He is well trained in the art of Drunken Boxing creating comical yet deadly opponent. His moves are quite slow and weak, but he makes up for it with his evasive ground stance and confusion techniques.

What's even more comical than his fighting style is his personal story of why he entered the latest DOA tournament. To save the world? To find his long lost brother? To assasinate the heir of DOATEC? No, not at all. His old master Chen says to Brad: "Bring me the legendary drink. The name is 'Genra'." 1 Of course, Brad is confused and he begins his journey trying to solve this riddle. Three years later, he finds himself entering the tournament. 2

Here are his statistics, which can be found in the Dead or Alive 3 manual:

Nationality:      Chinese 
Gender:           Male 
Birthday:         September 10, age: 30
Blood Type:       O
Height/Weight:    6'0", 168 lbs
Body Size:        B45" W31" H36"
Fighting Style:   Ziu Ba Xian Quan
Occupation:       Bohemian
Likes:            Drinking
Hobbies:          Game of Go, Chinese fiddle

Of course, as stated in the drunken boxing node, fighting while drinking is an absolute no-no, and Brad Wong is just comical in that sense, just as Jackie Chan was in Legend of Drunken Master. Please do not attempt at home.

1 (Some sources say "Genera," which I think is much funnier.)
2 ("Genra" is the code name for the Omega Project, a superhuman created by Dr. Victor Donovan. Thus we have classic irony.)