KANJI: NI JI futa (two)

ASCII Art Representation:



Character Etymology:

Two extended fingers of a hand showing the count of two.

A Listing of All On-Yomi and Kun-Yomi Readings:

on-yomi: NI JI
kun-yomi: futa futa(tsu) futata(bi)

Nanori Readings:

Nanori: oto tsugu nii ha fu futatsu fuda wa

English Definitions:

  1. NI: two; second.
  2. JI, futa(tsu), fu, fuu, futa: two.

Character Index Numbers:

New Nelson: 72
Henshall: 61

Unicode Encoded Version:

Unicode Encoded Compound Examples:

(nigatsu): February.
(futsuka): second day (of the month).
(futate): two groups, two bands.
(futari): two people.

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